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Friday, June 10, 2011

HOW TO BUILD MUSCLES Vince Del Monte's No Nonsense Muscle Building and Your Six Pack Quest


I would like to share a story with you guys. And it's about how I got from a small and skinny teenager to a ripped one.

It took a lot of time for me to realise what I actually need. I started out doing what I though was right, which of course was not the right way. Weeks passed and I got no muscle gains at all. I started searching the internet for some information. Do you want to know how much money I spent on books from online gurus? 2342$ ! Yes I am serious. 

And guess what I learnede everything the books said, I tried everything the books said, and no results. Three months passed and nothing. I contacted a couple of friends that are body builders. They gave more to read, 10 magazines claiming to have the formula for muscle building.

Six months passed and still nothing. Well yes I gained weight OF PURE FAT. I was on the edge of deppresion, I did not know what to do. 

One day while I was sitting infront of the computer searching more and more, a friend of mine send me an article written by a guy named Vince Del Monte. He said read the article and buy the book, it will help you 100%. I said to my self "OK! I will buy this book and if it does not work, I quit". 

When I saw the price of the book I said to my self that it's to cheap, there is no way it will work. In the end I ended up being with THE BEST MUSCLE BULDING BOOK, but I still did not know that. I was done with reading it, it came out that the author (Vince Del Monte) had the same problem as me, he was a hard gainer.

I was so exsited to start training and see if I will get any results. Two weeks passed and I was amazed. I have already started seeing results. I was so happy I have finally done it, I started gaining pure muscle.

Two months passed and I have gained a lot of lean muscle. My friends said that I am on drugs and wanted my secret. I told them that i saw this book, I shared it with them and some of them even got better results than me.

The book it self is really cheap it's 77$. Most of the online gurus want over 100$ or 200$, believe me I know best...

I am sharing this information with you so you can finally say hello to the body you have always wanted. Vince makes Body Building so easy in his book.

The website has pictures of people that have had success and you can be one of them. The book has helped thousands and thousands, why not be the next one ?



  1. Well. Clicked your link to check out the book. Nice ebook in fact.

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  2. Thanks,This blog is very nice and helpful for us.

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