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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


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SEO is by far the best unique traffic source. There are a lot of  tips and tricks out there, but I will share with you my top 6 SEO tips, which will increase your traffic in no time.


are a really powerful way to increase your page rank. And a lot of people don't really understand why. Of course I will explain. Backlinks let Google, Yahoo, Bing know that your web page is good enough to be on the top of the page. The next thing you must learn is, how to get more backlinks. When it comes to backlinks the more you have, the better. You seriously cannot get too much of them. There are a lot of ways to get backlinks:
  • Guest blogging
  • Commenting on DoFollow blogs
  • Social Bookmarking
  • YouTube
  • Article submission
And to be on the top place of the page you will have to use not one but at least three of these tricks in getting backlinks. Of course you can go ahead and find a trust wordy backlinker that will all of the job for you. But be sure that others have tried it before you, and have not been scammed.
Be sure to not get too fast your backlinks, the search engines will know that you are cheating in a way, and will not promote you. Also do not comment or post articles on nofollow blogs and article submission websites. When they are no follow the link that you use will not be found by the search engines.

Keywords (also called meta tags) will help you get more people coming to your web page. There are a lot of ways to get more keywords, by content and by putting meta tags in your page. This is exactly why writing a lot of good original content will get you more traffic. So if you haven't put any meta tags in your page, you should do it now, because you could be missing a lot of traffic. And it's really easy, I will explain it for you. Here is how to meta tag HTML code look like:

<meta content='Your Title' name='title'/>
<meta content='Here you must write your description' name='description'/>
<meta content='You keywords' name='keywords'/>
<meta content='The name of the author' name='author'/>
<meta content='The name of the owner' name='owner'/>
<meta content='(c) 2011' name='copyright'/>

All you will have to do is copy write down your information the title, description, keywords, the author (which is probably you), and the name of the owner. When you are done don't forget that it takes time for the search engines to craw your web page, so don't expect big changes right away. It could take up to two weeks. To make it go faster ping your blog/website, this will help you Spiders to craw your web page. The next question is how to get good keywords, you don't want keywords that are not even being searched, you want the ones that are being search often in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Exactly why you should go to the Google Keyword Tool. Write the keyword you would want to put, and it will show you how often is that keyword being searched in Google.
REMEMBER: Don't over do it, don't put too much keywords, you might get the search engines mad, and they could get rid of your page.

Original Content
Remember what i said earlier, the more good and original content you have the better, well there is a reason for me to say that. When you write a lot of good content, and you post it on your blog or your website, you will get some keywords, that will help users to find your web page via search engines. This is exactly when writing a lot comes in handy. But never copy, never copy content from other blogs or websites. You can never cheat Google or Yahoo. They see everything and they know everything. If you use copied content on your web page, you risk the chances of no body finding you, EVER. The will promote the other websites, but never you, because they know that you are using copied content. And it's not only that, you will probably never get accepted in Google AdSense, in other words never make money with them.

REMEMBER: Never copy content, you risk a lot this way, and lets not talk that you will never get promoted and nobody will find your website via search engines. You will lose a lot of traffic this way.

Don't over do it
Remember, everything that is good, when over done, becomes bad. When you put too much keywords, you will not get traffic, when you put a lot of backlinks too fast, you will not get traffic to your web page. When you copy and post 10 articles a day, you will not get promoted, in other words no traffic. Increasing traffic is a slow process, so take your time.

Be Careful
If you are going to use engines that will give you backlinks be sure to not get scammed. Go ahead to google and search some information about it, if you could find some read it, learn something about the program that you are willing yo use. This way you will be sure you will not get scammed, and you will get good quality backlinks coming to your web page.

Put links on your images that lead to your page
Yes it's true this will not get you tons of traffic, but it will help you out. When the spider craws your web page and when it goes to the article you have written, it will go back to the index thanks to the backlink, and it will start over. This way you will increase your traffic, not a lot , but when it comes to traffic, every single thing helps you.

Follow these easy tips, and you will increase your traffic in no time. Remember SEO is a really good way yo bring high quality traffic to your blog/webiste. Be sure to not over do it also. Thank you for reading this post, i hope I have helped you with something
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