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Sunday, May 22, 2011

DiRT 3 Xbox360 review

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Hello it's John Gregory from JohnGregory'sBlog, and I am here to review another Xbox360 game. You have probably heard about Dirt 1,2, but today we are going to talk about Dirt 3. The game will come out in two days (24.05.2011). From what i learned the game will have some really good features, updates, what ever you want to call it.
                 - new modes
                 - and snowy skies
                 - more rally

The off-road game returns with another episode DiRT3. Like I said the game will have new updates. Such as New modes, Snowy skies and more rally. There will be awesome rally stages from Europe, US and Africa. The game boasts more cars, more locations, more routes and more events than any other game in the series, including over 50 rally cars representing the very best from five decades of the sport.

I personally think that this game is going to be amazing. Considering the gameplay, graphics of the game and all of the tracks that are going to be in the new episode of DiRT. It may seem to you that the game is going to be endless but the bad part is that like every other game, this one has an end, and you are probably going to cry when you will have to say goodbye to it.
The release date of the game is 24th of May 2011.
The Genre of the game: Racing
Publishers: Codemasters

Problogger: how to become a good blogger!

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Hello my name is John Gregory, creator of John Gregory's Box. I started blogging, and it has been probably 2-3 days already. And as any other beginner, I am searching for information how to increase traffic, get followers, subscribers and so on. And one day, while I was searching in Google on how to increase my traffic, I found out an amazing website that gives all kind of information the website is called ProBlogger.
And you probably know about this website, but i didn't and i had no idea what so ever, what kind of content was in that website. So i decided to check it out. And I have to say, it was amazing. There is a lot of information behind that web page how get traffic, guest blogging, subscribers and a lot more, all in a simple website.

Of course I cannot say that I am a really good blogger. Considering the fact that i started out a couple of days a go, and I am trying to increase my traffic, and to tell you the truth, this website helped me out a little bit. I am not expecting a lot of changes in the first week. And i recommend most of the people that are wasting their time trying to find a decent website for help, they should simply go to this website for a couple of reasons.

1. Easy to understand information.
A lot of  "blog helping websites"  give information in a way that they will understand it, not the readers. And us beginners have no idea what they are talking about. They use hard to understand words, about your blog, that makes you want to panic, and you continue to search at google for more information, but you find websites like this. The only thing, hard to understand sites give you, is a false idea of what are you suppose to do. And that will get you no where. On the other hand ProBlogger gives us an easy to understand information, that all the beginners will understand, tips, tricks everything.

2. Simple site navigation.
This might sound funny to you, but I find the site navigation to be really important, when it comes to giving out information. Why is that ? Well if the website is hard to navigate, how do you expect to find the one thing you are searching for. Exactly, it will be much harder then the usual. And when it comes to ProBlogger, we do not have that problem. First  there is a search engine in the website, that helps you to search for the infromation you want. Second the layout is really easy to understand. On the top of the website we have a navigation bar that states all of the options. Clicking on one of them will help you find the right information you are searching for. For an example let's say that you want to learn how to make money from your blog. Well it's easy, you just click on the navigation bar where it says MAKE MONEY. And you are done.

3. Video content.
I find this to be really important, because  if you are like me you will find it annoying to always read your information, you would like to hear a voice, a voice that will give you the same information and could even explain it more understandably. You might think this is crazy, but I would prefer to hear somebody explaining the secrets of blogging with a video or recorded voice insted of reading it. I do not know if it is only me, I do not know if there are other people like me, but I do know that this way i understand more of the given to me information. Which is exactly why sometimes insted of going to Google to search for something, I go to YouTube.

If you are searching for a good place to actually learn something, then go to ProBlogger. You will not be sorry. Also you can purchase the creator's book. About how to build a better blog for 31 days. This might be exactly what you are searching for.

Thank you for reading this post. Leave a comment telling me what you think about ProBlogger and do you think that video content is a good sourse of information, I personally do.

For more posts like this one go to John Gregory's Box.
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