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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


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Today I will share with you another amazing way which will help you to make money online. This amazing way is called ClickBank, you have probably heard about it. But why ClickBank, why not Amazon Associates, let me explain.

Amazon Associates

is a really good place from where you can make a lot of money, by displaying advertisements on your website or your blog, and get a % of the sell of the product you are advertising. This sounds grate right? I know and it is. But this does not answer why ClickBank, wait for it. Now when somebody buys the product that you are advertising, Amazon will give money to the seller, for the shipping, for the 3th person shipping, and a small award for amazon, the rest is for you. As you can see you probably get right around 10-15% of the money. If you are promoting a book that is 100$, you will make 10$-15$. That is ok, but not exactly what we are aiming for, considering the fact that you could fight to sell the book for 1-2 weeks. Now lets see what does ClickBank gives us.

ClickBank works the same way, you promote a product on your website or on your blog, and you get a % of the money from that product. The difference is that ClickBank pays only three people. You, the seller, and they get a small part of it. And you can get up to 75% from the product. The reason is that Amazon Associates is selling real products and ClickBank i selling digital products (eBooks, softwares, and others), so they don't have to do any shipping. Again imagine that you are promoting the same 100$ book, you will make 75$ not 10-15, now this is what we are talking about. Now you are  probably asking your self "why is the seller using ClickBank in the first place, if he is going to get only 10% from the sells?", well you have got no idea how easy it is to create an eBook. They just write down what they know and BAM they sell it. eBooks can go from 15$ to 60$ and more. So i think it's worth it, they spend 1-2 hours to create the eBook, they get people who will promote them, and all they have to do is sit back, and wait.

The good thing about ClickBank is that you can choose if you want your advertisement to be as a text link (which is a good way to use the social media like twitter, MySpace, FaceBook, Digg, and others to promote the products, and find more buyers) or as an advertisement, like Amazon Associates. I would pick the text link, because you can attract more people via social networks, but if you want to use your website to gather more people use the ad instead.

There you go, two awesome ways that you can use to make money online as fast as possible. Now you have to choose if you want to use only Amazon Associates or only ClickBank, or both. I would go with both. Amazon Associates ads on your website or blog and ClickBank text links that you can share with the world by using the social media.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope it brought you some information, leave a comment telling me what you think, and if you have any good ideas, leave a message.
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