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Saturday, June 4, 2011


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Like we all know there are hundreds of ways in getting targeted traffic to your website or your blog. Today I will share with you another tip that you can use to increase your readers.

As you can tell by the tittle, I am talking about using Twitter to get unique traffic. The question is why, why twitter, why not FaceBook. 

Twitter is the only place, where when you update your status (tweet) hundreds of times. If you do that in FaceBook, you will lose a lot of your Internet friends. I am not telling you that you are suppose to spam twitter, that is a bad idea, I am telling you that you can post more than on the other social medias like FaceBook and MySpace.
Another reason would be, that a lot of people use twitter on their phones, not only on their computer. In other words, when you tweet something new, they will know, and check it out right at that moment.
Also take in mind how much more people you can reach via twitter. If you have a lot of followers and if your followers retweet your tweet,  this way they are telling their followers about your tweet, and if their followers tell their followers, and so on, and so on.

But of course to get targeted traffic, you will have to do some tricks, to make people coming to your web page, and even subscribing.

Twitter Tips
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    1. Get friends.The first thing you would like to do is gather friends, followers. Be sure that your followers will be with the same interest as you. It's normal for the millions of people using twitter daily to not have the same interests as you. Search a famous twitter account that has a lot of followers. For an example, if your website is about SEO, search for an SEO expert. People like that usually have thousands of followers, imagine if you can make those people get to your website and become a regular reader.
      2. Search people that are searching for help. If your website or blog is about helping people and solving their problems, you would want to search people that are asking questions with the same topic as your web page. Help them out, answer their question, they will probably follow you, and if you want, when you answer the question, leave a link to your web page, telling them "This is a really good place to find the answers you need".
      3. Don't spam. Never over do it, you will start spamming on twitter, you will lose your followers, and not get any traffic. Keep it nice and slow and normal. Post a couple of tweets a day, not a thousand.
      4. Be a twitter user. Act like a normal twitter user, post regularly. Post something else than your links. Write about how your day was, what new did you see. Some funny news and of course you can promote your website, but posting normal stuff is also a good way to keep followers coming.

There you go, 4 easy steps in achieving success with twitter traffic. The best part is that it works, it's not a pain, and you can relax, lay back, and tweet. That was all for today, read more at BlogInsider. Don't forget to leave a comment telling me if this was helpful for your, this way you are helping me a lot.


  1. nice post i will put on practice.

  2. Sure twitter make me love and hate. love about their tweet. but i hate low conversion from this tools :) nice post guys :)

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  5. agree with this...i like tips no 4...anyway thanks for sharing a great info.

  6. i love this post..already digg it.thanks for share a good info

  7. Hmm, I laughed at the fact that you'll lose a lot of friends when you 'spam' on FaceBook rather than in Twitter. LOL! But it amazes me that when you updated yourself on Twitter, more and more friends wait for your updates compared to FaceBook. LOL! Anyways, these are some good tips to do in Twitter. If you have more friends, your updates can be seen a lot more. Just use Twitter the right way and you'll be all good in attracting those web traffic.

  8. Hey Great Post! I sited you in my blog because of how helpful it was, so thank you.

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