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Friday, May 20, 2011

How to get accepted to Google Adsense

Getting accepted to Google adsense is simple, but not easy. And i will tell you what exactly do you need to get accepted and start making money.
First i would like to mention the myth that most of the people are putting out there. I will quote it
"You need to wait 6 months to get accepted to google adsense."
This is false. First of you can get accepted by google adsense in just a couple of hours and one of the fastest ways to get accepted is by creating your self a blog. Blogs help out a lot
1. They are easy to make, it will probably take you maximum of 10 minute to make everything the way you want, plus picking the right template and style of your blog.
2. You can get accepted fast because you can add a lot of content to the blog and you can do it really fast. It's not like building a webpage where it could take up to a week to have a webpage that will be good enough to be accepted by google adsense.
3. More people will find you and you can get a lot of subscribers to your blog which will help you increse the traffic of your blog. Now you can add your blog to the search engine, where more people will come to you blog, and read all of the content that you have writen down.
4.You can do everything you can do on a webpage. Add pictures, content, videos, html files and more. Of course it still takes time for your webpage or blog to get noticed a lot so you can increase the traffic of the website or blog.
So if you ask me this is what you should do. If you get denied by google adsense for your website, you should do this.
Learn your mestakes. This is important to know what are your mestakes that google did not like in the beginning. It could be broken links, too much pop-ups and so on. When you learn the mestakes that you have done in your previouse website and add the changes to your new one. This way you can increase the chances of being accepted to google adsense.
Create a blog and use the html link to your webpage. Now this you can do. Going to is a good idea. Just register there and create your first blog. Create a content, write something interesting, that most of the people would love to read. After you get accepted by google adsense, which will most definetly happen, because there is no chance for the google bot to tell you that you have too much pop-ups or broken links or anything of that matter, because the webpage you have send to be accepted from the google adsense is a ready site, created by which is owned by The only thing they will take in mind if you have good content. After you get accepted you will get the html code for the advertisments, the small banners that you want to have on your webpage. But be sure that your website is with good content too, no broken links, pop-ups, hard to navigate system, none of this, because google knows from where are you getting your clicks on the ads you have posted. From the blog or from another website, so be careful. When you are done with creating a good website and blog that is already accepted from google adsense you can copy the html code to your website and upload it to a web host. After you are done with that the next thing you will need is traffic, but we are not going to talk about that now. Adding ads to your blog is actually easier, you just have to click on a couple of places.
Now lets se what we learned over here.
1. step. create a blog, to get accepted
2. step. create a website that is with good content and that has no flaws
3.step. copy the html code from the the ads and post them on your website
4.step. upload your website to a web host
5.step. start making money from the blog and from the website, this way you increase the chances of the ads to get clicked and for you to get more money.
Now remember that you must be sure about the content, the content is the most important thing when it comes to website and blogs. And you must have in mind that, when it comes to google they will keep checking your page no matter how long you will stay with adsense, they will always check your website and blog to see if you are following everything. Do not think that you just get accepted and that is it, you can do what ever you want. If you make a flaw, make a bad change on your webpage or blog you will lose your application to google adsense, which is bad thing, unless you want this to happen which i doubt.
Be sure to follow everything, and please read everything, do not skip anything, because you could fail with your attempt to become a part of google adsense, and to start winning money from the internet.
Thank you for reading this post, i really hope this has helped you in a way, do not forget to check the other information i have cooked over here for you, that you might find interesting.

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