Monday, May 23, 2011


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You want traffic, and we all know that social media is just one of the places where to go. So lets see the 5 ways to increase your traffic via the social network.

1. Friends
Social Networks like FaceBook have this option where you can ad friends to your "friend list". Now when it comes to friends "the more, the better.

Why is that? The more friends you have in your list the more people you an interest to view your blog or website and even subscribe to it via RSS Feed. And you can create a small connection between your friends and their friends and the friends of your friends friends. And the connections goes on. Your friends will tell their friends about your blog or website, they will tell their friends to tell other friends about the blog or website, and this way you will rapidly increase traffic to your blog.

2. Sharing
The people from Twitter or Facebook can share or "tweet" about your blog , post or website, this way other people that will see what their friend has shared will go to your blog to see what is so amazing about the blog that he decided to share it with facebook. Or when it comes to twitter to go ahead and see what is so awesome about the blog that you tweeted about it.

3. Write about your blog or website
Go on FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace or a Forum and advertise your blog or website by writing about it, when you do that more people will read that and check out your content. Now Forums come in handy here. Go to a forum that has the same topic as your blog or website. If the topic of the blog is about gaming, then you will increase the traffic of people that love to see some new posts about gaming or gameplays. This way you will advertise your self. Be sure to aim High when it comes to advertising your self in another Forum. By this i mean look for a blog that has a lot of people registered. This way you will be sure that a lot of readers will get pass your post on the forum, and go and check out your blog, don't forget to leave a back  link to your blog.

That is it 3 easy ways to increase your traffic thanks to your Social network ( FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, Forums ). If you have more ideas how to increase your traffic this way leave a comment telling me!

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