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Monday, May 30, 2011


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Hello there, I would like to share some information with you, about how to get fast free traffic. There are a lot of ways, but I will be talking about my top 2 ways. Before you read this I want you to know, that I am not making this up. A lot of people have had big success with their websites and blogs, using these ways.

Guest Blogging
If I haven't said this before I will say it now. Guest blogging is one of the best ways to advertise your self withe big success. This way you are getting unique traffic, and you could even get subscribers.

What is Guest Blogging?
Actually it's really simple for me to explain it for you. But I will not explain it in a way that I will understand, I will explain it in a way that you will get it. Guest blogging is all about writing a post for another blog. It's simple as that. And to do that you will have to contact the administrator of the website or blog. Write something short and easy to read. Big bloggers usually get tons of mail, in other words keep it short, this way you will be sure he or she will read it.

Finding a Guest Blog
Now this is the tricky part. You will have to find the guest blog on which you will be a guest poster, or writer, you can call it as you wish. Now to get unique visitors and even subscribers you must remember something, you don't go ahead and post a guest blog on all kinds of blogs. You must find a blog or website that accepts guest posts, and that is the same topic as your web page. Yes I know it will be hard for you in the beginning, but you will get the hang of it later. When you write a guest post for a football blog, and your blog is about, lets say health, you will not get unique visitors, yes you will get traffic, but that is not what you want. You want people that will come back to your web page every time you post something new. Be sure to write amazing content for the guest blog that you will find, if you post 1-2 amazing guest posts you will gain the trust of the administrator and he can search for you again, and more readers.

How to find a Guest Blog
This is a little hard. Usually when I am searching for a blog i use Google. And I like to search for a "write for us" or "guest post" button, some where in the navigation bar of the blog or website I am reading from. Here, I will make it easier for you, and tell you what I usually write, when I am searching for a guest blog.
"Guest Blogging list"
"looking for a guest writer"
"looking for a guest poster for my blog"
"URL/Title of the blog + guest posting, guest writing, guest blogging"
Or you can use your ideas, be creative.

Yes there is another amazing thing about guest blogging except the unique visitors and subscribers you will get from it. When you write a guest post for another blog, and if that post is really good, you can get the chance of other guest bloggers writing to you, asking you if you would want to write for them. Isn't this amazing, they will actually want you to write for them. This is why I say that Guest blogging is an amazing way to advertise your blog/website.

SEO is short for search engine optimization. This is a really powerful way of getting unique traffic to your web page. Why? I will explain. SEO means to optimize your blog, so it can get a higher SERP (Search engine page rank). And if you use all of the tips and tricks that you can find about SEO, you can get on the top of the page rank, which will lead to amazing traffic in no time. And there are a lot of ways you can optimise your web page, but I think there are only three that really matter.
Original unique content, good keywords (or meta tags, you can call them as you want), and backlinks.
Original Unique Content
Be creative with what you write, and be sure you don't copy your content, write a lot, post frequently, and you will increase your page ranking in no time. 
Keywords (meta tags)
Putting good stable keywords for your web page will get you a high ranking. Be sure to use really good keywords. You are probably wondering "How can I be sure that I am using good and stable keywords". The best way to know that is by using Google Keyword Tool. It's really easy to use, you just write down the idea you have for a keyword and see how much clicks does that keyword get monthly. If the keyword gets good traffic use it, if not, don't use it. This way, by using meta tags you increase the chances of some body finding you.

Google loves back links, and love to put people with a lot of backlinks on the top of the page rank. In other words, the more backlinks you have the better. The question is, how do you get those backlinks?
backlinks to your blog. So it's a double win for you. Be sure to write something good and interesting in the comment all tough, you don't want your comment to be flagged as a spam.

And that is all I can say about the best free and fast ways of  getting unique traffic to your blog/website. If you follow this information, you will not be sorry.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you have learned something new. Don't forget to leave  a comment bellow saying something interesting.  

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  1. Great tips! All these new Panda updates and Search algorithms are no doubt making the life of an seo company very hard. I guess one of the positive things about it though is that it sort of cleans up the online world and gets rid of all the unnecessary extra fluff that we really don't need, and instead we get more relevant information. And you're right, backlinks are definitely important for any SEOer out there who wants to get noticed. Although, I've heard that it's important to use both dofollow and nofollow links. Not sure why, but that's what I was told. Anyways, thanks for sharing this!


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